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 Hmm, not really sure where I shoulda put this thread.

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VaHerp Senior Crew
VaHerp Senior Crew

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Hmm, not really sure where I shoulda put this thread. Empty
PostSubject: Hmm, not really sure where I shoulda put this thread.   Hmm, not really sure where I shoulda put this thread. EmptySat Aug 03, 2013 9:19 pm

Anyways heres the deal...

Some of you know, I have 2 different locations of where I keep my snakes and rodents. 1) My house and 2) Secret place Smile *If you do know where my secret place is, please, shhhh. Keep it to yourself lol*

Well I am slowly starting to get everything moved from my secret place to my house. Snake room is going to be built here shortly n so with the move of my snakes, Id like to move my rodents as well. Now my rodent breeding has gotten bigger, and Im having new racks built by another member on here to expand even more cause I want my rodent breeding to be even BIGGER and BETTER! Razz

Now I know how many female breeders I have and how many are in grow up tubs but Im looking for more. Unfortunetaly I was not graced with the best of patience haha Some people dont like selling there females and as a rodent breeder I completely understand. But... Im willing to make it worth it. A) Through the price that Im willing to pay for small-large females. B) I may have a few snakes Id be willing to make a trade for females also.

So if anyone is interested in helping me expand more, and becoming an even better source for all of you guys to buy your feeders (Cause I def think I have great prices compared to a lot of others. You can ask Max and Hayley Very Happy) then please should me a PM or feel free to text 757*839*0146 and let me know!

Thanks y'all!
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Hmm, not really sure where I shoulda put this thread.
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